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Dame Alison Peacock of the Chartered College of Teaching visits Edspace

Dame Alison Peacock of the Chartered College of Teaching visits Edspace   An introduction to the Chartered College of Teaching Dame Alison Peacock was visited Edspace, the education co-working space in Hackney, to discuss the ongoing development of the Chartered College of Teachers. The Chartered College of Teaching is the new professional body for teachers…
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bett 2018 highlights

WonderHub’s Top 7 Highlights from BETT 2018

7 Highlights from BETT 2018   The 4 days of madness in January that is the BETT Show are now over. We all deserve a break but with 1 month of 2018 now gone, there is no rest for the wicked! We have been dazzled by clever robots, smart touchscreens and musical Edtech wizardry and now is a quick…
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edval school timetabling reviews

How Can Timetabling Improve Teaching Quality, School Revenue & Pupil Behaviour?

How Can Timetabling Improve Teaching Quality, School Revenue & Pupil Behaviour?   Edval Education are exactly the kind of technology we want to help schools discover through WonderHub. They are an Australian company, new to the UK that has a revolutionary way to help schools create timetables in minutes, instead of weeks.   Click here to watch the Edval Education video case study on…
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Wonderhub Edtech Reviews Youtube

Watch Wonderhub on YouTube!

Watch Wonderhub on YouTube!   Wonderhub’s Video Strategy   Video is going to be a core part of what makes Wonderhub special. Schools tell us how much they want to see accessible case studies before going ahead with demos and trials of Edtech. Suppliers tell of the pain of creating these case studies whilst also…
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Technology as Process, Not Product

Technology as Process, Not Product Written by Thomas Tran   When is technology, not technology? From my observation, technology in education has been generally viewed in a specific way, often being defined or tied to products, devices, apps, electronics, robotics, etc. So when we ask teachers to explore the consideration of integrating technology into the classroom,…
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An Introduction to Edtech

An Introduction to Edtech     What does Edtech mean?   Edtech – short for Education Technology, uses computing hardware or software to revolutionise pedagogy. The tradition of teachers using physical  textbooks, supplemented with handwritten homework is becoming a thing of the past as pupils learn to access course materials, fulfil homework, take exams and…
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Wonderhub are building a team of Edtech experts

WonderHub is building our team of Edtech experts     Thank you, everyone, who has offered to write reviews and summaries of your experience with Edtech! We’ve been experimenting with a Typeform-style review generator to help guide teachers and schools leaders in creating structured reviews. This way we can help make every product comparable and make…
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The DfE visits Edspace to talk Edtech and School Funding

The Department for Education visits Edspace          Edspace – The Education Specific Co-working Space   Edspace is a co-working office based at Hackney Community College in Hoxton, East London. Edspace special and unique because it is the UK’s only co-working space dedicated specifically to the education sector. Everyone that works there is working…
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Introduction to WonderHub

Introduction to Wonderhub   Where we come from   WonderHub is brought to you by the same team who successfully developed the SchoolMars platform, helping parents provide feedback to schools and helping schools market to prospective parents.   The founding team includes Daniel Perello and Carlos San-Martin (based in Valencia) and Javier Ruiz and Jonathan…
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