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Jose picardo and EDTECH

What makes “great teaching” and how technology can complement this? Interview with José Picardo

In this EdTech interview, we profile the author of Using Technology in the Classroom and Deputy Head at Hampshire Collegiate School José Picardo. How did you start your journey with EdTech? It was a seamless transition. You see, I wasn’t always a teacher and, when I worked in the industry, effective use of communications technology was part and parcel…
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How can you help your child learn to code?

  Whether or not your child grows up to be the next Zuckerberg, programming is a highly useful skill for him or her to learn. It teaches vital problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills. Plus, it can be downright fun for you both it has become one way that parents are helping their children prepare for…
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The past, present and future of Edtech in the classroom (A guide for Teachers) #techteachers

Teachers face many challenges as they attempt to integrate technology into their classrooms. Sometimes teachers can feel intimidated when using technology to teach a generation of digital natives. Education hadn’t changed a huge amount in 200 years before technology started to be introduced in the 2000s. This explains the inertia so many educators feel and…
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bett 2018 highlights

WonderHub’s Top 7 Highlights from BETT 2018

7 Highlights from BETT 2018   The 4 days of madness in January that is the BETT Show are now over. We all deserve a break but with 1 month of 2018 now gone, there is no rest for the wicked! We have been dazzled by clever robots, smart touchscreens and musical Edtech wizardry and now is a quick…
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edval school timetabling reviews

How Can Timetabling Improve Teaching Quality, School Revenue & Pupil Behaviour?

How Can Timetabling Improve Teaching Quality, School Revenue & Pupil Behaviour?   Edval Education are exactly the kind of technology we want to help schools discover through WonderHub. They are an Australian company, new to the UK that has a revolutionary way to help schools create timetables in minutes, instead of weeks.   Click here to watch the Edval Education video case study on…
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A Parent’s Perspective on EdTech – The Kano build-it-yourself Raspberry Pi kit

A Parent’s Perspective on EdTech – The Kano build-it-yourself Raspberry Pi kit By Catherine Boland   Our 6 year old is obsessed with tech! In an effort to create a balance between recreational use and educational use, we bought him the Kano Computer Kit for Christmas. I have to be honest, the purchase wasn’t made entirely with…
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Top 10 best EdTech articles of 2017

Top 10 best EdTech articles of 2017 2017 was a huge year of transformation. According to the Guardian, the rapid evolution of technology means there’s a need to advance how education is delivered to young people. Schools now spend £900m on education technology every year, and it is estimated the global market will be worth…
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LittleBits, but Big Thinking – Edtech in the Library

LittleBits, but Big Thinking   Written by: Savannah Wood   Because technology is so prevalent in our schools and world today, our media centres have a huge role to play.  It’s our job as library media specialists to put the newest gadgets and gizmos in the hands of our learners. We are considered the “new”…
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Are Teachers Afraid of Edtech?

Are Teachers Afraid of Edtech?   As our lives and classrooms become increasingly technological, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the array of EdTech opportunities that promise to improve our teaching. Implementing new technology can be frightening on so many levels. Whether it’s a fear of letting go of control or a sense that one…
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Coding and Technology in First Grade

Coding and Technology in First Grade   With the push to be more innovative and the constant drive to use more technology, teaching can easily become overwhelming.  Every day it seems like there are newer and better gadgets or devices being introduced before I have even had a chance to learn the “old” technology. However,…
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