Edtech at home & school for parents & teachers #Edtechlive. Webinar Series

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Edtech at home & school for parents & teachers #Edtechlive. Webinar Series


Technology is now an essential tool in helping boost a child’s education at home and at school. Increasingly it is the case that homework is being completed on technology that children are more competent with than their parents. At the same time, Steve Jobs famously didn’t allow his children to use iPads and limited much of their technology use at home.

Parents are understandably caught in the middle, often lacking the right advice & guidance on how to use technology at home and when not to.

Edtech companies have also been experimenting with innovative ways to use technology to increase parental and teacher engagement, communication. What is the role of Edtech at home and what impact is this engagement via Edtech having on outcomes?

Welcome to the second in this series of WonderHub’s Edtech Broadcasts! #edtechlive

  • What are the most useful & cost-effective ways of introducing technology into education?
  • Where does the responsibility lie?
  • How can parents help?
  • What are the pitfalls that should be avoided?

Watch our March live webinar here


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