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LittleBits, but Big Thinking – Edtech in the Library

LittleBits, but Big Thinking


Written by: Savannah Wood


Because technology is so prevalent in our schools and world today, our media centres have a huge role to play.  It’s our job as library media specialists to put the newest gadgets and gizmos in the hands of our learners. We are considered the “new” EDTECH leaders of our schools, and rightfully so.


We expose our students to more technology than any other area within the school setting.



Teaching them the newest forms of technology, connecting their value to the real-world, and the proper use of these devices is a huge task; and one that media specialists should value.

As a former teacher turned media specialist, I value technology and the endless educational possibilities that it provides my students. I recently opened a Makerspace within our school library and among several different technologies I included
LittleBits. Makerspaces represent design, engineering, fabrication, and education. I’m not an expert on Makerspace by any means, but I do value what it brings to my students. And I am willing to include whatever is the newest technology.  


Little bits

This year, I decided to add a LittleBits station to our Makerspace area. After attending a conference and using the tool myself, I realised it fits in perfectly with what a Makerspace represents.

LittleBits are fun ‘little’ pieces of technology where students can connect, build, and invent electrical toys. They collaborate; connecting the colour coded electrical pieces to build circuits.

The possibilities are endless! Thus far, they have turned lights on, made a buzzer sound, and caused a fan to turn. But, we have only scratched the surface. It’s exciting to see the students so anxious about their next LittleBits invention. This made them an immediate favourite among all my media classes.


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Little bits

little bit


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