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Is Homework in Secondary a Good Idea?

Is homework in secondary a good idea?   Homework is a very contentious issue in education. There are debates surrounding how much and how often it should be given, if any at all as well as what the purpose of homework is. It is my belief that in secondary school homework does have its place…
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An Introduction to Edtech

An Introduction to Edtech     What does Edtech mean?   Edtech – short for Education Technology, uses computing hardware or software to revolutionise pedagogy. The tradition of teachers using physical  textbooks, supplemented with handwritten homework is becoming a thing of the past as pupils learn to access course materials, fulfil homework, take exams and…
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Wonderhub are building a team of Edtech experts

WonderHub is building our team of Edtech experts     Thank you, everyone, who has offered to write reviews and summaries of your experience with Edtech! We’ve been experimenting with a Typeform-style review generator to help guide teachers and schools leaders in creating structured reviews. This way we can help make every product comparable and make…
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The DfE visits Edspace to talk Edtech and School Funding

The Department for Education visits Edspace          Edspace – The Education Specific Co-working Space   Edspace is a co-working office based at Hackney Community College in Hoxton, East London. Edspace special and unique because it is the UK’s only co-working space dedicated specifically to the education sector. Everyone that works there is working…
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a beginner's guide to edtech cover

A Beginner’s Guide to Edtech – The Free eBook

A Beginner’s Guide to Edtech – The Free eBook     The rapid introduction of education technology (Edtech) means that there is a wealth of knowledge out there but that it sometimes isn’t that easy to find. As part of Wonderhub’s mission to help teachers and schools discover the best Edtech, we will be publishing…
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edtech trends

4 EdTech trends to watch in 2017/2018

4 EdTech trends to watch in 2017/2018   Education technology represents the development of connections between technology and pedagogy. The rapid evolution of technology means there are now countless ways to advance how education is delivered to young people. Much has been achieved over the coming years. By charting our expected growth into 2018 we…
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Introduction to WonderHub

Introduction to Wonderhub   Where we come from   WonderHub is brought to you by the same team who successfully developed the SchoolMars platform, helping parents provide feedback to schools and helping schools market to prospective parents.   The founding team includes Daniel Perello and Carlos San-Martin (based in Valencia) and Javier Ruiz and Jonathan…
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