Saving teachers time & reducing teacher workload

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Saving teachers time & reducing teacher workload

teacher time management

Welcome to the third in this series of WonderHub’s Edtech Live Broadcasts! #edtechlive

teacher time management

Using time efficiently is an essential skill for any teacher, but with a largely self-determined schedule outside of classroom hours, it can be easy to feel overworked.

Ask teachers about the greatest pressures they face and many will say that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to deliver all of the student support, as well as the admin, demanded of them.

Ask school managers and administrators about the issues they face and many will say that stretching budgets to meet all the demands on their services is nigh-on impossible.

As well as covering the curriculum during lessons, teachers must offer additional thought and attention to students who require extra support. They must plan lessons, keep accurate records for reporting to management, attend meetings, engage with parents, and get involved with extra-curricular school activities.

Add in any desire for continuing professional development (CPD) and many teachers are working deep into every evening and through much of their weekend.

Our panel will be exploring ways to embrace different tools and techniques to manage and reduce workload.

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