The past, present and future of Edtech in the classroom (A guide for Teachers) #techteachers
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Teachers face many challenges as they attempt to integrate technology into their classrooms. Sometimes teachers can feel intimidated when using technology to teach a generation of digital natives.

Education hadn’t changed a huge amount in 200 years before technology started to be introduced in the 2000s. This explains the inertia so many educators feel and why everyone is still working out the role it will play.

Even though educational technology continues to advance, becoming easier and more intuitive, many teachers express misgivings about integrating technology into the learning process.



Welcome to WonderHub’s first Edtech webinar! #techteachers

In WonderHub’s first Edtech webinar, our panel of Edtech Experts will be exploring the past, present and future of Edtech. After all, it is important to take a quick look back over past predictions before looking forward, to 2018 and beyond.

Our panel of Edtech Experts will be exploring the past, present and future of Edtech. Here’s what we will be discussing:

  • How teachers can become fluent in classroom technology
  • How teachers can use Edtech to boost engagement
  • Edtech predictions and trends from the past
  • What is trending up & down right now?
  • Where does the panel think we will be in 12, 24 and 72 months?

Following on from BETT 2018 we will also

  • How has the Edtech landscape changed over time?
  • What do we think will be the next game-changer?

This session is great for:



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