Top 10 best EdTech articles of 2017

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Top 10 best EdTech articles of 2017

Top 10 best EdTech articles of 2017

2017 was a huge year of transformation. According to the Guardian, the rapid evolution of technology means there’s a need to advance how education is delivered to young people. Schools now spend £900m on education technology every year, and it is estimated the global market will be worth £129bn by 2020.

As every year, experts are sharing their best tips and predict the biggest trends in education, technology and innovation. We have chosen a selection of articles published in 2017 discussing the most important content in technology and education right now.


Post #1

6 exciting education trends for 2017

The involvement of parents in the success of students, collaborative models, such as Edcamps and Twitter Chats are part of the education trends listed on Pearson’s blog back in January.

In the article, they tell us why the concept of ‘classroom’ has been shifting in recent years with dedication to purposefully designed learning spaces and seamless integrations of technologies.

Read full article


How To Use Technology To Mark, Plan And Teach

Post #2

How To Use Technology To Mark, Plan And Teach

How can technology make teachers’ lives that bit easier? Holly Gardner the editor of the UK platform Teacher Toolkit shares with us the key of #MarkPlanTeach and how how technology can support educators more effectively. Read full article

Post #3

Edtech strategies

Edtech strategy: What could the UK government do to get the most out of educational technology?

The global eLearning market is estimated to be worth around £120 billion and could double in size over the next decade, with significant growth not just in formal education but also in adult skills (professional and personal).

So what is needed?
Here’s a summary of solutions and recommendation given by Nesta the innovation foundation. Read full article




top edtech posts 2017

Post #4

Is digital technology changing learning and teaching? The big debate from Digifest 2017

Is digital technology making fundamental changes to learning and teaching, transforming it in ways that were unimaginable before the advent of the internet? Or has the digital revolution been overhyped as magical pixie dust that can cure all teaching ills? Read full article


Post #5

Building Innovation Ecosystems to Reinvent School

Our number 5 goes for the education platform Getting Smart who comes with an article in which explains the three key areas of edu innovation/systems. Read full article



edtech companiesPost #6

21 UK Edtech startups to watch

The UK is keen to position itself as a hub for education technology (EdTech) that will help students and teachers work and learn better in the future. This is why we couldn’t leave Scott Carey and his article from Techworld out of the list. Read full article. We hope we make it to their list next year ;).




edtech finance

Post #7

How Edtech start-ups are shaking up executive education

Our top 10 needs an economical angle and there’s no better place to get it than the Financial Times.

Executive education has long been a lucrative market for business schools, but they now face competition from tech start-ups, which have seen an opportunity for market disruption. Read full article.



Post #8

Forget what you’ve been told about Edtech

Few months ago Patrick Brothers wrote an article for Tech Crunch in which states how the way edtech is evaluated varies depending on who is doing the measuring.

“Evaluating market opportunity in edtech the same as any other market perpetuates a big movement of dumb, short-term money into a sector that is smart and long-term in how it thinks”. Read full article.



Post #9

edtech recruitment

UK Edtech Recruitment: The Most In-Demand Skills

The recruitment agency Ignite Digital has created a very interesting article for the ones interested in this education technology industry. 

 Gamification, Software engineering and programming skills are some of the main characteristics searched by Edtech Recruiters. 

Read full article.




teachers and edtech

Post #10

Is classroom technology actually being used by teachers?

The education technology platform explains why millions of pounds worth of high tech is lying unused in UK schools, as teachers lack the confidence and proper training to use it. Read full article.

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