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Wonderhub’s Video Strategy


Video is going to be a core part of what makes Wonderhub special. Schools tell us how much they want to see accessible case studies before going ahead with demos and trials of Edtech. Suppliers tell of the pain of creating these case studies whilst also managing the every day running of a business. At the same time, every school is different and so finding a case study which is relevant to the school in question can be tricky.



Wonderhub creating video case studies for suppliers solves these problems for both parties. Suppliers can rest assured that they can connect us with a school and we can get a bespoke case study produced in no time. Schools can see the impact of technology in schools and watch other headteachers and school leaders discuss how it has affected their pupils.


Wonderhub’s Managing Director, Jonathan Page, was previously Corporate Programming Director for ITN, producing education-specific news programmes in the UK and USA. These were 60-minute news programmes, presented by Natasha Kaplinsky and looked at the big issues facing the sector such as the uptake of technology. As Wonderhub grows, we will be looking to create more editorial content in this style.


Subscribe to Wonderhub’s Youtube channel to be the first to catch our video case studies. Does your school or company have a compelling story to tell? Get in touch at jpage@wonderhub.co.uk







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