The build-it-yourself laptop. Endorsed by OCR for STEAM in the classroom
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pi-top is a modular laptop you build yourself. It’s the perfect tool to help you start learning how to code, create awesome devices, and take your knowledge to the next level.


  pi‑top teaches you amazing creations that you add code to in order to bring to life. Use pi‑top add-ons by simply sliding an add-on into the Modular-Rail, then use pi‑topCODER to learn amazing lesson plans that integrate fun physical computing projects.

Integrated Lesson Content

  Integrated into pi-top and pi-topCEED is our cloud-based worksheet repository that provides hundreds of hours of step-by-step projects allowing teachers, regardless of their computer literacy, to deliver fun and engaging lessons for STEAM based subjects. pi-topOS polaris - STEAM curriculum

Fun, engaging, game-based learning

  Along with Raspberry Pi learning resources like Scratch and Python, pi-top and pi-topCEED are shipped with CEEDuniverse, a curriculum-aligned game that teaches you how to code, build circuits and create hardware that interacts with the game!  

What is the cheapest way to purchase the pi-top?


Wonderhub have an exclusive offer with pi-top to help schools purchase a complete STEAM lab for their classroom, in the form of 32 pi-tops in a secure storage and charging trolley.


Click here for the promotion for the original pi-top

Click here to see the promotion for the new pi-topCEED

Where can I buy the pi-top online?


pi-top - Green - Misco

pi-top - Grey - Misco




"I love what pi-top is doing and what pi-top is about."

Steve Wozniak , co-founder of Apple

"I’d like to see a pi-topCEED in every classroom"

Eben Upton, founder & CEO of Raspberry Pi

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