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Adaptive Learning with interactive maths books



Daydream Education

Daydream Education is recognised as a leading provider of educational posters, study guides and interactive softwares.


Where practice makes perfect.

Kikora As

Kikora is a next generation learning tool for mathematics instruction.


Helping every child reach their potential.

Mathspace Uk

The world's smartest Maths App.

Numbergym Software

We offer creative challenges and open-ended explorations which encourage investigations and lateral thinking in maths.

Primary Games

The Primary Games Series provides a wide range of highly engaging and enjoyable maths games which allow children to learn while having fun.

Wiris Maths

Global solution for math and science.

Yellow Dot

We are a digital content provider created by GWO – one of the leading educational publishers in Poland.


Experience the adaptive, online K-8 math program proven to raise student achievement while supporting informed decision making.