Build-it-yourself Raspberry Pi Computer & Coding Kit for Kids
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The most engaging way to integrate computing across the curriculum





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3 reviews

  1. Great for kids or adults!

    The instructions are easy to follow, so an adult without prior coding experience can follow them and not feel intimidated.

    A child 8 years or up (or a smart 6 y.o.) will feel a fun challenge following the building and programming instructions.

    I helped my 10 year old granddaughter with hers. This brought back my memories of my time in the school “computer club” in the 1970’s. I love this product.

  2. Superb customer service

    XMAS present for 10yo coding obsessed nephew. The entire week of Christmas this was the only gift he touched. Does have some glitches, Christmas day (10 minutes in) the keyboard totally froze and he was unable to play with it. Put in a letter to the support team, and they called me within 30 minutes, ON CHRISTMAS! More satisfied with the customer service than anything, great company!

  3. Easy to assemble and program

    My 9 year old absolutely loves this product. Easy to assemble and program.

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