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Nearpod is a simple to use, interactive presentation and assessment tool that can be used in the classroom.


A teacher can create presentations that can contain quiz’s, polls, videos, images, drawing-boards, web content and more. Nearpod also has many lessons already planned for teachers to easily find. Students easily can join a lesson by typing a code given to them by their instructor.

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  1. Great for student engagement

    Nearpod is simple to use, fun and engaging. As Head of Computing for an independent school we have very high expectations of any technology that we use in the classroom and so far this has certainly reach those.

    One of the benefits of Nearpod is its flexibility. We use to to teach everything really, from maths to computing to english. Because it is a web-based app it makes it easy for multiple students to sign in via their iPads without too much direction needed.

    Nearpod is free for basic use and a range of sources. I havent paid for the others as the annual subscriptions.

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