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  1. Good for early years education

    We found Ozobots a highly effective way of teaching the basics of coding to children in early years education. They are well constructed and robust which is ideal when small hands are playing with, and dropping, them!

    We were particularly happy to be able to teach coding without the need for a screen, using paper. This makes the more accessible and reduces the number of devices we had to use per pupil.

    If I were to change something, it would be to make them more programmable.

  2. A tiny robot that encourages questioning

    I have been so impressed with this product. If you draw a line in a thick black marker it will follow it accurately. If you use different colours it will speed up, pause and even rotate by 180 degrees.

    This product encourages discussion around driverless cars, robotics and use of sensors.

    One group of year 6 students have even created a little town for it to drive around.

    Richard (www.amazingict.co.uk)

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