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Powered by a tangible coding language, Cubetto is the perfect EYFS resource to teach coding without screens
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Meet Cubetto – Coding without screens for children aged 3 and up

Made of tactile and hard-wearing wood he’s your child’s guide into the world of coding. Screenless, friendly and ready to play.


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2 reviews

  1. A toy loved by children and teachers

    Children in my kindergarten were captivated by Cubetto from the day one. And now, after six months, they are still enthusiastic about it. Just like my pupils, I am always eager to deal with Cubetto – I love to create new tasks, new maps, new ways of using it.

    Cubetto is probably the best toy I have ever used in my school. It is smart, it is fun, it is open to every age and every profile of the child. And it is cute as well 🙂

  2. Engaging and exciting

    I have used Cubetto in 7 different schools and in each case it has helped students develop both their logical reasoning and their story telling abilities.

    One 7 year old student was so inspired that she went home and created a 10 page illustrated book about Cubetto. Filippo, the designer of Cubetto, was so excited when I gave him this outstanding piece of literacy work.

    There are now a range of mats that will allow students to develop a series of chapters in their Cubetto stories.

    I can thoroughly recommend this product

    Richard Smith (Founder of AmazingICT)

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