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Be ingenious

Inventor lets you s-t-r-e-t-c-h your imagination. Use SAM Blocks and the SAM Space app to build awesome projects, games, inventions and hacks. Super quick. Super smart.




With 4 wireless SAM Blocks and 5 step-by-step projects you’ll master Morse code, make electronic music, protect possessions with an alarm, bring sound to your sketches, and find your groove with a mini-drum machine.


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  1. Very high quality modular coding kits

    SAM Labs have got an impressive offering for a number of reasons. The modular parts are very coo and really engaging for our pupils to assemble.They can connect multiple units together which makes the learning process highly kinaesthetic & tangible.

    I am impressed with the very high build quality of SAM Labs’ products. The bluetooth connection works really well which is sometimes an issues with other products. No such problems here. For example, it is very easy to tell how they have connected via colours. This makes lessons more fluid as there are fewer technical issues to correct.

    We have found the iPad functionality exceptional, as compared to using a PC.

    One factor which I would advise schools to bear in mind is with the higher quality & functionality, comes a higher cost.

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