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ScratchJr uses a fun and engaging platform to captivate kids as they learn the basics of coding.


ScratchJr is a fun program used to teach 5-7 year olds problem solving and the coding.  ScratchJr can teach kids the basics without even knowing how to read.  Simply match patterns and even create your own games and stories!  ScratchJr also comes with a “Teach” section where pre-planned activities can be used.

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  1. Scratch Jr an introduction to programming for younger pupils

    Scratch Junior is a great way to introduce younger children to programming. I have used it with year 2 pupils and its simplicity has allowed them to create something with success and confidence. Pupils can select from a bank of backgrounds and sprites (characters) or they can create their own using the paint tools. They can record sounds too and add these to their program. The blocks are visual and simple to understand and children are able to put these together easily to control their sprites on the screen.

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